Good enough is just not good enough.


Having worked with some of the world’s major translation agencies, we know that agencies hire translators who offer them the best rate, not necessarily the best quality. Imagine going to the grocery store to buy tomatoes. You’ll find your cheap “good enough” tomato, or your savory organic tomato. Along those lines, rvb translation is a company of translators who have no accent in either the source or target language, have financial and legal training and/or exposure, and are part of our team of trusted translators because we know them to be perfectionists who take pride in their work. At rvb translation, good enough is just not good enough.


Ask our clients. Working directly with a team of translators as opposed to a project manager increases accountability. A project manager at an agency does not translate and, therefore, is held less accountable by definition. Working with a project manager who is also a member of the translating team improves efficiency and leaves less room for misunderstandings and mistakes in high-intensity projects.


Generally, rvb translation works on highly confidential projects with very tight turnarounds. For this reason, our clients rely on our ability to meet set deadlines and turn over projects quickly – without affecting quality. The translators in our team are able to work around the clock, not only because they are accustomed to these intense work conditions, but also because of their geographic location. With offices in LA and translators in NYC and Paris, we are able to cover the 24-hour work day without compromising our motto: good enough is just not good enough.


Great work. Fair prices. How fast?!


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